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Holidays are in full swing! If you’re hosting family or friends over the holidays, we have you covered! Read along to learn a few simple tips that will take your dinner party to the next level.

1. Choose your colour scheme.

Probably the best place to start is your dishes. So choose the dishes you love, then go from there. There are really no hard and fast rules here. Pick 2-3 colours you love or choose based on the season. You can also go with a very neutral palette (neutral dishes, flatware, napkins and tablecloth) and then let your florals dictate your colours. Here we chose organic shaped white and gold dishes with metalic gray chargers. Then paired them with gold flatware, crystal cut gold rimmed tumblers, simple champagne glasses, white and gray velvet napkins, and a white and gray striped linen runner. Interior Designer Shauna Walton hand picked and coordinated every piece for this shoot, but we definitely made it fancier than necessary in real life. You can make something look beautiful with simple white dishes, fresh flowers and any candles you have on hand. For more of Shauna’s work visit her on Instagram @shaunawaltondeisgn 

2. Decorate with Food.

Let the food steal the show. Put some apps out on your table, island, whatever. Dress them up with pretty serving dishes (we love organic wood boards) and garnish with colourful fruits, vegetables and herbs. Here we created a variety of colourful cheese boards. We chose a variety of cheeses and crackers that gave different colours and textures. We decorated with figs, gooseberries, cranberries, pomegranate and rosemary. Added honey and jams, then we put sliced baguette on an antique gold and white cake plate for height. (they were Sammy’s late Grandmothers). We also used the candy cane cake as part of the decor because it was so festive and pretty.

3. Choose your florals

Take a trip to the your local florist and pick whatever is in season (will be less expensive) and what you love. You can do multiple small arrangements or 1 large centre arrangement. In our tablescape, we skipped the florals altogether and went green. We chose a variety of fresh green leaves and holly (red berries on stems).

4. Add a little sparkle

Candles and other decorations will give your tablescape that sparkle that will create a cozy and warm ambiance. Line the centre of your table with candles. Here we lined the centre of the table with gold candlesticks at a variety of heights. Then we added silver and gold Christmas ornaments and twinkly lights Sammy had picked up at Target for $4 last year. You don’t need to go out and buy anything fancy. If you have simple glass tea lights, those work perfectly, especially paired with florals. Then see what you have around your home to add or keep it simple with candles and flowers.

5. Menu + Place Cards

While this is not necessary, it is definitely a nice touch! People love seeing what’s going to be served, it gets everyone excited for sure! It might seem like a lot of work, but you can easily do this and print from home. Or outsource it and order from a boutique. You’ll be able to email them the menu and names and have everything ready for you. Here we did a simple charcoal on white. Michele who’s the owner of Paperdoll Studio created all of the designs and print for the menus and place cards in this tablescape. For more of Michele’s work visit:

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Sammy, Michele + Shauna

All photos were taken by the very talented Kayla Robins. Visit her website for more of her beautiful work: